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Your app says 7 colors of lead will hit 49.1' at 2.2mph.  I don't believe that's correct - please explain.

Please activate Sink lost factor when exceeding 3.9 colors. Using Sufix Performance #18 should show 43.5. feet depth.
I  ran test again here is video of actual test. Test used new Sufix #18 Performance, and leader appox 8 to 10 feet mono. The mono has little to no effect at that length and the speed of 2.2 is tightly held. Also note some speed and colors out depth results are derived from applied data curve.
Click Here for Video.
Is the app's number of recommended colors out measured at the waterline?  Ie. for 3 colors out - would you set the end of the 3rd color at the waterline as opposed to the rod tip, etc.)? Thanks.   (Yes) For 3 colors out the 4th color should just touch the water line so 3 colors are completely in the water. You will find the faster you're trolling the more line you will have to let out to achieve this. This Info Also in VIEW VERSION INFO
Sink Lost Factor
Why is that function not automatically activated when showing 4+ colors?
This was an Excellent Question and even though there are reasons for it.
Next version likey late 2018, will address a better way to handle Sink lost Factor.
When more than 3.9 colors are let out line flattening becomes a factor and as more line is let out lost increases (Have not seen total flat curve howvever).  Users are instructed in the View Version Info when they should make use of the Sink Lost Factor Feature which can be very important if you're trying to go down deep. However not everyone checks the Version Info so I'm likely to have a pop up message come up at 4 colors out or greater in the future.  Sorry if your reading this and weren't aware of sink lost factor importance.
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I'm just getting into leadcore fishing (Lake Lanier, GA), and I'm reading all over trying to gather information before heading out.  I've downloaded your app, and have not used it yet, but am excited at the possibilities.  Its a great app!


However, when I research advised "colors out" by local anglers, there is a HUGE disparity between their advise, and what your app prescribes.  For instance, to reach depth of 28-30', most of these guys are going out 8-9 colors.  


1) See at the 0:45 mark....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbebA7ZY7MI


2) Also, info from the local Striper club, see chart toward bottom of the page



Your app would advise me to only go 5.4 colors at less than an ounce and 3mph.  HUGE disparity.  What do you think is going on here?  I know most Striper fisherman on Lake Lanier use a 30-50' 20# fluorocarbon leader.  Could that be it? I'd assume that would create more drag (more sink) Thanks!



Don't Know what brand their using but I've tested Sufix #18 Test twice at 3mph, .5 oz lure, with 8 colors out and got 35.6 feet(FishHawk 36'). Lead color has improved over the years and the responses you got may be based on some years  back and lesser sink rate brands. So if you use a lesser sink rate brand you would need to use the brand compensator.


See an Actual 3MPH depth test.

 What Brand and what test were done?


See an Actual 3MPH depth test.


Don't forget, use Sink Rate Lost Factor feature for over 3.9 colors out.

Thanks for using my App.


Right after tests, some of My Catch that Day!

Will you develope this App for the Iphone?   Sorry No. I developed App for my personnel use and after which decided it might be worth sharing. I'm a retired application developer but this was my first App. Over 400 hours went into the making. It's intended to be a useful tool not eye candy. Its far more functional than most Apps. 
How many actual depth test did you do?   Version 5 and up - over 146 actual depth tests, and a good amount of double checks.
How did you perform the depth checks?   The device used is called FishHawk. It has a five year life span. After that you throw it away. Also used it to calibrate my fish finders. (Has Very Good repeatability.
If I have a problem with the App will you help?   Yes - If your request is reasonable. Please ask for assistance rather than leaving bad feedback. I have an appreciation for the work that goes into developing an App and keep that in mind when I rate someone's work.
I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone will it work ok on my phone?   Yes - was developed using Samsung Galaxy S4, also tested on the LG G2, and Galaxy S7 Edge phone.
I live in Russia, and I'm unable to purchase your App. Can you please make it available?   Will do so ASAP - Some countries make use of metric values so I did not offer App. Thanks for letting me know you also us the Imperial system.
I like using a long mono leader on end of lead core, will this effect the depth too?  

It depends on how long. Tests were done with no leader, and with 8’ fluorocarbon leader.   The 8’ leader had little or no effect on depth (less than a foot). Going beyond 8’ will likely have a measureable effect. I hope to do more testing with leader lengths in the future, but because of the low impact it’s not a priority. Several tests were done with leaders between 20 and 30 feet which indicated could affect depth 2 to 4 feet.


Have you done test with diving lures?

Yes but not many.  I sometimes use diving lures rated  to 3 to 5 feet and what I’ve found if that the lead core dampens the lures depth. If the lure states 3 to 5 foot dive it would usually add about 3 feet to the depth. No depths tests were done with greater diving depth lures. I plan on doing a few tests with 6 foot ratings.  Basically I’ll test what I use. Keep in mind this well never be a lure based App. It's purpose is centered on what your expectations should be of the Lead Core Line. You will note with the App's non diving weights from .5 oz to 3.25 oz there is not a huge separation in depth exspectation.

What type lure did you use to perform the depth test? Tests were done with non diving lures and torpedo  sinkers for over 1/2 oz tests.

I was viewing videos / pictures, and notice most Bass you caught were Smallmouth is there a reason for not seeing many largemouth.


Very observant – Short answer Yes!  - Largemouth Bass stay in drop offs and concealed area. They’re territorial and not noted for speed. I catch more Largemouths if I troll close to the shoreline. Smallmouth Bass on the other hand will be found in deeper open water are faster and often school.  Pound for pound they are the better fighters and will often jump 2 to 3 times before you land them.

Typical Bass fishermen catch much less smallmouth for those same reasons.


Impressed with your App seems to be right on. I don’t troll real fast, or slow so I can only comment that the 1.6 mph to 3.1 mph range is accurate when I bottom bumped tested.  Why don't you advertise more I basicly stumble onto your site?


Thank you for your feedback. Advertising cost would be greater than what I charge for the App. I believe if users like it word of mouth will promote it. A while back I did mention on some forums, and I set up this site at no cost. Original intent was for my own use, and I use it every time I'm on the lake. Like it- leave positive feedback on Google Play and tell a friend.


I’ve been told by experience fishermen to just figure 5 feet depth for every color you let out so why do I need an App.   

Honestly that’s the general rule I used for years, yet I knew it just wasn’t accurate. For example tests revealed using Sufix 18lb with 5 colors out trolling at 1.8 mph, and 2.7 mph result in approx. 17 feet difference and with 3 colors out trolling 1.6 mph, and 2.6 mph there is 11.6 feet difference. Those examples explain why my App substantially increased my yearly catch.